How You Should Feed Your Dogs

Well, you just have a new puppy, and you hardly know how to feed the dog! If you are looking various ways of dog feeding to make the puppy eat but it does not respond, make sure you look some easy way out to make your pet eat properly. Like humans, the dog also requires healthy nutrition so as to grow and develop. Therefore, it becomes very important to take care of your puppy’s diet so that it does not remain weak.

To get the right diet for a dog, it is very important to get a dog feeding diet chart from veterinary that help you in providing you adequate information about the kind of food and its calorific value along with other important nuances that have to be kept in mind while feeding the dog. If you visit any veterinarian, you will be advised to give to give dry food in comparison to canned food as the former is more nutritious and healthy than canned items. Also, canned food has more water that makes it less wholesome and fulfilling.

However, once your pet gains weight and grows 30 pounds, dog feeding should include dry food. In such a situation, you can go forth with canned food that helps in satisfying his hunger. When the puppies are six weeks old, you should give them milk both during day and night. This can vary from six to eight times as pups are in the growing stage where they require more nutrition and calcium for stronger bones.

When your puppy is around four weeks old, you can try solid food. However, while giving solid food, make sure you do not overdo it, start slowly. In case your puppy develops diarrhea from dry food, change the brand and look for a new alternative that helps your puppy in improving and recuperating. However, as your puppy grows, you can reduce the feeding time to a lesser number of intervals such as four or five accordingly. This solely depends upon the kind of dog you have and its breed.

When your puppy completes three months, it will develop teething troubles. During this time, your puppy will look for items to chew and bite. In such situations, do not let your puppy bite shoes and slippers and instead of it, provide him with chew toys and chew bones. However, make sure your puppy gets healthy nutrition during such days. You may find a change in the appetite of your puppy during teething troubles yet make it a point to give him health and balanced diet.

When your puppy grows and becomes an adult dog, you will not have to feed him umpteen times as you did when he was in puppy state. An adult dog eats two meals during the day. In case you have a female pregnant female dog; you have to be careful so as to provide additional nutrition that is rich vitamins and minerals. In such circumstances, it is better to get the expert advice of a veterinary doctor who helps you in preparing a proper diet chart for dog feeding. So, make sure you are feeding your dog properly.