Dog Training – How To Train A Labrador Puppy To Sit The Right Way

Labrador puppies are fun to train. Their intelligence coupled with their friendly nature makes them a highly trainable breed. They grow very fast into physically strong and big dogs that are difficult to control without basic obedience training. Because of this, it’s important that you start Labrador training as early as possible. Generally, they respond best to gentle, positive and reward-based training. With proper guidelines and boundaries, you can teach them to become well trusted and respected members of your home. Here’s a step by step guide on how to train a Labrador puppy to sit.

Training Your Puppy To Sit

Sitting is a very natural position for dogs. Labrador puppies sit a lot, for instance, when they’re resting, thinking, watching you, or waiting for certain things to happen. As the owner, all you need to do is to teach your puppy that human beings refer to that sitting position as – Sit

a) Teach Him the Meaning of Sit!’

Let you Labrador puppy know that you think he’s pretty good at sitting. Every time his bottom touches the ground, say the word, Good!, and reward him with a small treat. Alternatively, you can use a clicker to produce a sharp clicking sound. The word Good!, or the click sound made by the clicker, are called reward markers and are used to make training easier by defining the exact sitting moment you approve. Try to keep up the Sit command, followed by a treat for several days to help your puppy get used to it. Before you realize it, he will be sitting more than before.

b) Teach Him To Sit As An Instruction

Train your puppy to sit when you want him to. Teach him that if he sits when he hears the word Sit!, he receives a reward. However, if he fails to do so, he receives nothing. The best time to do this is when you’re at home alone with the puppy away from any form of distraction. Be sure to get these things right:

Mark the right position – Since the puppy may not stay in one position for long, it helps if you use a marker sound to identify for him the exact position you want him to sit.

Reward him immediately – Once he is the right position, say Good!, and follow it up immediately with a treat.

Training Him Not To Get Up Without Your Consent

The only time you expect the puppy to get up from a sitting position is when you release him using words like, go play, get on etc. But how do you ensure that he stays in his sitting position for longer even if you’re away?

Train him to sit for only a second or two at the beginning, then increase the amount of time gradually as time goes. Set a target for every age, for instance, you can set 10 seconds sitting at one month, 20 seconds sitting at two months, and so on. Don’t forget to reward him for every successful sit. If you can, minimize any distractions that might tempt him to move.

Be patient and consistent with your training, and very soon, your Labrador puppy will be sitting with ease.